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Cedar, Composite or Metal Shakes? Alternate Roofing Materials?

8 years ago
I'm wondering if anyone out there has any experience with alternate roofing materials?

We need a new roof and recently learned our home originally had a cedar shake roof which at some point was changed to asphalt shingles. We would like to restore the shake roof but I've found a lot of "Cons" to cedar shakes. We live in Chicagoland so winters are tough, springs are wet and summers can be hot and dry; not good for cedar shakes.

I've found composite shakes ( and metal shakes ( but can't seem to find reviews or info from people who have either installed them or have them on their houses. I can get info from the manufacturers but I'd rather find some info from less biased sources.

If anyone has any info or experience please share. Thanks so much!

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