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Door color advice

9 days ago
last modified: 9 days ago

We recently purchased a house and I am working at figuring out paint colors. The siding is a beige color that today I discovered has some purple undertones. I purchased a sample of SW Rosemary which I thought would be lovely for the front door... only to discover it made the siding look purple! I am wanting some kind of dark blue/teal or green color. Is there something down these lines that would minimize the purple undertones? Or do I need to go a different direction altogether? Or would a lighter color be better than dark? The beige color is a very medium shade. Not sure if it helps to add a picture, as it looks lighter here than in real life. Also, no purple to be seen. We won't be doing much to the outside of the house before moving in, but we do hope to replace or paint the brown trim in the not too distant future - probably white to match the window frames.

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