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Need Advice on Solving Wet Backyard Issues

9 days ago

New house issue.

Short version: Most of my backyard is at the bottom of a hill and gets saturated with water after a rain and has standing water at times.

Long version:

My backyard slopes down away from the house until it levels off. Backyard is about 40 feet long, with the slope being about 15 feet of horizontal distance. My backyard faces my neighbor’s backyard, and he has a similar layout — so our respective backyards form a sort of a bowl shape, meaning that both of us have significant water pooling on the flat parts of our yards after it rains. Half of the flat portion of my yard is grassy and gets pretty squishy after a rain. The other half is dug out like a garden but looks to be full of wild grasses and weeds. It gets marshy and significantly overgrown. It also is adjacent to a storm drain at the end of my yard.

First of all: What’s the deal here? Was the garden put there to be a sink for water? If so, it’s doing a poor job, since the rest of the yard (outside of the hill) stays so wet.

Second of all: What are my options for dealing with this? I have kids and want them to be able to play on the grass, and maybe I’ll even build them a playground. But with such mushy ground, I’m not sure how feasible this would be. Can I build some sort of drainage system that leads to the storm drain? FWIW, house is 20 years old and basement has seeming stayed dry the whole time.

Any help would be appreciated!

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