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The end of the season blooms

4 days ago
last modified: 3 days ago

I have had very few rebloom scapes, quite probably due to dry conditions in June. The season is definitely winding down with many of these being last blooms.

Garden Butterfly saying goodbye with last bloom

Last bloom on Crazy Kate

Passing Fancy’s last hurrah

Hakuna Matata was so pretty for a late bloomer

You Are Mine-can’t say enough about this one’s plant habit. Has multiplied well and is planted in part of the lawn that gets no watering but just look how green the foliage. It holds its pale lavender color well in the heat

Golden Delicious with last blooms -thanks to Kay for this one.

Johnny Hodges is a late one with screaming hot colors

Pistachio Showpiece is new and in a pot. I like the bloom.

Dearest Valentine on rebloom

Who Would Be Queen-another new one

and this is what the blooms look like in the afternoon-not the same bloom but a later one I wanted to show the fade line. I like it but I laughed when I saw the afternoon bloom fade and thought I have another Shores of Time!

Redneck Riveria-on rebloom

Sarah Christine does not disappoint

And finally-from Celeste’s seeds. I walked by this one and then came back to look. It is about 4 inches and actually very pretty with a lot going on I did not see at first

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