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Slatted wood or other accent on this wall?

4 days ago

Hello. I cannot figure out what to do with this large expanse of white in our new home. I want it to be impactful without spending a fortune.
We are having an alcove fitted with shelves nearby so no shelves. I cannot find art that I love and it would have to be big to make a statement. And, with a pattern on both tje credenza and carpet, I can’t get too “patterny.”
The plant can move. The tv is at a great height for the sofa so we don’t need to mount it.
I love a slat wall but covering the whole expanse would be expensive and with the mango wood credenza not sure what kind of wood. The PVC panels are interesting but are those textures too “patterny” w the patterned credenza and rug? And…white?
Suede wallpaper? Sounds really expensive.
I have a gallery wall in an adjoining room and would like to avoid visual clutter but I have to do something! Help please!

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