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Spigot Spraying Water Behind Handle

4 days ago

Problem: When I turn the handle on, water starts shooting out from behind the handle
Tried: Turned water off. Disconnected handle, metal washer, screw. Directions said to use two wrenches to undo next piece, which was a flat piece of metal to the body. That didn't work. Neither piece would move. Also, the spindle in the middle will not move at all.
Configuration: I was wondering whether the whole thing was just one piece, or if it was many small pieces, so I went to my basement and found where the piece came out on the other side of the wall. I found there was a silver metal bar that is closest to the wall, shortly after, there is a copper pipe that connects to the silver pipe. It's back behind some heavy spider webs and was a little hard to see, but, it looked like there was a hex shape on the end of the copper pipe, and possible threads on silver part. It also looked like there was a bit of some kind of sealant/cement around the connection.
Question: Am I on the right track so far? Next, my water is still shut off, and there is a slow drip from the sillcock. The sillcock is NOT shutoff (I can't move it without bending it it -- it's crimped, but meant to be that way.)
Is this a job that uses the many replacement parts I just bought, or is this a job where the one-piece kit that slides in is used? I really want to get this job done like yesterday, so I can have my water back on tonight.
Can someone guide me through the rest of this job? I would call for a plumber, except that I have no money at all. (Old lady on SS, please don't give me a hard time about not hiring someone.)

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