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Sump Pump Discharge Line - Mystery

4 days ago

Sump pump installed 20 months ago runs for 4/5 seconds every 4/7 minutes, depending on rain.

Discharge line exits wall and spills into 4" pipe. A weighted line dropped into pipe hits a bend at 30"

below ground but from there no one can tell me where it terminates. I'm concerened it is dumping beside house. About 6 seconds after water discharge stops, there is a gurgelling sound, like a toilet flushing. Builder suggested that the sound was from water in upstream pipe dumping back into sump but there is a functioning check valve and no sign of water return when standing next to sump pit. I would think the builder should be able to confirm exactly where the line terminates, ie, storm drain or house wall, but they cant. The sump pump has been tested to 1M cycles so our finished basement may be safe for another year or so.

Any ideas? Its the gurgelling/flushing sound that may be key for someone with experience.

Thank you,

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