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Window seat flanked by bookcases - offset. Ideas?

H Guys!

We are finalizing our plans for our built-ins for our FL house.

Here's the original version of this room, it's been completely updated (new floors, lights, etc.) but I don't have a good picture of the whole room sine the updates. It doesn't matter for our purposes here, since the layout is still the same layout just with updated fnished.

The room is going to have a built-in window seat and bookcases will line each wall (one of which is going to be a secret hidden door into that room where you can see the regular door now).

The problem is, the window is off-center and I'm not loving the look of that. Does anyone have any suggestions / creative ideas to address this asymmetry and make this look better ? I'm open to any ideas.

Or perhaps this will be fine once it's insatalled / books are in and right now I'm just being over-sensitive because it's a drawing and not reality ?

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