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8 days ago

What do you know about the rose Charles de Mills. Here is its answer:
Here's what I know about the rose Charles de Mills:
Gallica Rose: It belongs to the Gallica rose family, one of the oldest cultivated rose classifications. Evidence suggests these roses were admired by the Greeks and Romans, and their popularity continued well into the 16th and 17th centuries.
Introduced in 1786: This makes it a historic variety with a long lineage.
Opulent Blooms: The flowers are a captivating feature, reaching up to four inches across. Descriptions of the color vary, with some highlighting a rich magenta-red hue, while others describe a mesmerizing blend of shades ranging from lilac to deep wine purple.
Densely Packed Petals: The blooms are known for being very double, meaning they have many layers of petals, creating a full and luxurious appearance.
Medium-Strong Fragrance: It possesses a classic "old rose" scent, a nostalgic aroma that evokes memories of bygone eras.
Once-Blooming: Unlike modern roses that often bloom continuously, Charles de Mills offers a single, spectacular display in late spring. This allows the rose to focus its energy on producing these magnificent blooms.
Low-Maintenance: It exhibits a remarkable resistance to many common rose ailments, making it a good choice for organic gardens or for those who prefer a more natural approach to gardening.
Upright Growth Habit: The rose bush matures into a handsome, upright shrub that can reach up to five feet tall.
Attractive Hips: After the blooms fade, the rose produces attractive hips that transition from green to a vibrant red in fall and winter. These hips provide a valuable food source for birds.
Overall, the Charles de Mills rose offers a unique and captivating presence in the garden. Its historical significance connects gardeners to a time-honored tradition of rose cultivation. Its opulent blooms, captivating fragrance, and low-maintenance nature make it a valuable addition to any garden.
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