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Need help from someone knowledgeable about pruning/shaping large jade!

We have a 30 yr old jade plant at the plant shop where I work. She hadn't had a repot in several years so I decided it was time for a repot as well as a root prune. Oddly, whoever my boss got it from had one side of the Jade looking like a bush and the other side in more of a bonsai form. Anyway, the plant is super heavy and while I was trying to move it, it landed on the floor on the bonsai side. Of course several of the branches got broken. The soil that it was in was like concrete to the point that my root rake wouldn't make a dent in it. I had to literally take a screwdriver and Hammer it into the soil just to get the soil broken up. Her large anchor Roots were very desiccated. On top of that, the lower half of the pot was filled with styrofoam. So she had a very small root system and I'm amazed that she was still alive and looked as good as she did. After I potted her I had her leaned up against the wall and sometime overnight she fell again, which broke the rest of the branches on the bonsai side. So now she's very lopsided and can't stand up on her own due to the weight of the leaves and branches on the "bush" side of the plant, as well as the fact she's not "rooted in" to the soil.
I need to prune her to balance the weight and the appearance of the plant but I don't know the first thing about pruning Jade plants and don't want her to look even more ridiculous than she already looks. Can someone take a look at these photos and draw arrows of where I should cut? The last photo is taken down low of the branching that's on the "bush" side of the plant. Thank you!!!

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