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Small bathroom renovation

8 days ago

I need to update my very small 5' by 5' bathroom. It is old ugly with dated tiles, which im going to switch out with the laminate I have left over from my kitchen. Tub with a shower, which im going to take out and put in a flextone shower stall with a clear black matte door. pedestal sink, which I want to put in a small vanity instead. All towel racks and fixtures will be black matte. 2 Overhead LED lights.

Vanity can only be either 24" or 28 at the most. Im switching to a black modern toilet, with a gray laminate floor with white tiles or baseboard going around it, Im thinking of painting the walls one or 2 shades of light blue. Im posting pics of what it looks like now and what in thinking about doing. I only have a limited budget and I already have a contractor, charging 6000 for labor. Let me know what you think and any suggestions would be appreciated.

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