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help with basement floor plan and room layout

21 days ago

We have five kids and are moving to a new house. We need to add two bedrooms and want to add a full bathroom to the unfinished basement of the new home so each child has their own room. There is no current rough in for a new bathroom in the space, but there is a bathroom above the unfinished area.

I also need a home office space and would like to make the direct entry from the garage a functional/inviting entry / mud room

There is an existing “bedroom”, but it does not have a window in it and is directly below the bathroom upstairs, so we’ve been thinking part of this space is best used for the bathroom. It is also close to the main drain in the home, so therefore easiest and cheapest in terms of installing the new in-floor plumbing.

Considering the unfinished space and access to existing plumbing (generally located in the vicinity of the bathroom above), the building code requirements for basement bedrooms and budget, we’re trying to maximize the floor plan to provide the above needs.

To summarize, I’d welcome any floor plan suggestions for the unfinished area and existing bedroom (circled in red) that includes the following:

  • one bedroom (at least 10 x 13 or larger)
  • one ‘den’ at least 10 x 13 or larger
  • one three piece bathroom with a 60” double vanity and shower
  • one small office at least 7’ x 8’ or larger
  • one functional entry/mud room from the garage

See floor plan

Thank you for any suggestions and ideas!

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