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What are you doing Monday 62424

I have had company for a week. They had kids.

I have actually gotten some rain. None have been good soakers, but I do not have to water the grass. The moving of the daylilies is over. The thought that I can grow in my yard in the dirt is over. There is no stopping the grass here. Daylilies are so much happier.

Hostas are doing good but starting to show the signs of summer. As a public service I will remind you to get photos. Go. Running out of time. The days are already getting shorter. EEEk. haha

I am still in the progress of repotting the world. I was maybe 4 years behind and now I am only 3. I am in the middle of a lull, and I hope I can stay here.

I have to get something done.

Great camo

So what are you up too?

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