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Best Dinnerware?

26 days ago

TL;DR: What dinnerware brands do you recommend that look nice enough for more formal dinners but are sturdy enough for everyday use?

Longer version: I registered for a set of Lenox Federal Platinum dinnerware from macy's for our wedding. I intended to use it for everyday dishes as it's dishwasher safe, and I didn't want to have two sets. I thought it was a perfect solution.

Fast forward 5ish years of daily use and it looks like crap. The platinum rings basically have rubbed off in places. So much for being dishwasher safe. Not only that, the company has completely ignored my emails for warranty. I'm just to upset by this trash, especially given the cost (3 piece set was about $100, and I have 12 place settings plus a set of soup bowls).

I have a few plates and bowls from Mikasa that seem sturdy (with the bonus of being microwave safe as well) and I was thinking of going with that, but wanted to see if anyone here had a recommendation.


My horrible dishes (all of them look like this):

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