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Small galley kitchen remodel: advice on cabinet color and overall plan

20 days ago

I have a galley kitchen that is approximately 8' wide x 11' long. It is a high traffic area because it is also the hallway from the garage entrance to the rest of the house.
I would like to lighten up the space, add a functional workspace sink (smaller than the 33" pictured) and over-the-oven microwave to maximize counter space, get a new countertop and backsplash (those tiles are my favorite part of the kitchen, but I want to extend the backsplash down to the counter and don't have extras of those tiles), and change up cabinets. Considerations: changing lower cabinets for drawers, adding a trash can space (possibly to the left of the sink) to tuck away the trash bucket not shown in these photos, adding a small cabinet to the right of the door so I have somewhere handy to put things down as I enter that isn't on top of the oven, and having a glass-front cabinet for displaying some colorful mugs and glasses.
I was thinking of white cabinets, but some have told me they wouldn't be good for a high-traffic area. What do you think? If not doing white, I would prefer to avoid wood grains, because I don't want to continue being too matchy with the doors and flooring, which I am not looking to replace.
Thoughts overall?

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