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Crooked herringbone pattern backsplash

26 days ago
last modified: 26 days ago

Hi so I had a family member donate herringbone marble backsplash and install it for free. unfortunately its extremely crooked and I don’t know what to do as I did not pay for it I only paid a few hundred dollars for the cement board and tinset…etc. is there any way this tile can be saved? i dont live in the house yet and i saw photos every step of the way but kept thinking maybe the photo is crooked but i realized now that I saw it in person all grouted and done that he lined up the wrong tip of the herringbone. does it have to be completely broken can it be shifted by cutting it out cemenent board and turning it a little or something? photos below. Was planning on changing the granite to a lighter color in a few months and painting the cabinets in the future .

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