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Empty 1880s Vermont farmhouse--where would you place furniture?

21 days ago

Got the keys this week to this 1880s Vermont farmhouse, and we don't want to move any furniture in before painting and planning carefully.

1) Kitchen

We'd like to add a small kitchen island, perhaps parallel to sink on other side of fridge with seating for at least two. Also want to add a dishwasher, remove the small white corner shelves and maybe replace with floating shelves along the fridge wall--could add a lower cabinet there, too. (Will likely replace cabinets and stove, fine to move nearly anything in the kitchen, though makes sense to leave sink where it is from a plumbing and window point of view.)

Unfortunately, low window is blocking several design options, but replacing it with a different window isn't in the budget for this house, which will largely be a rental. Big bulky green cabinet will be moved

2) Living/dining area

Could use the dining table seen in photo, or place a small round somewhere. More importantly, what kind of seating can we get in that "living room" space for three or so adults? A small couch and a chair? Three chairs? We will likely convert the first floor bedroom to a family room, so we will have an alternate seating area for a comfy couch and chairs, but if we could have some appealing seating off the kitchen that would be great. Alternatively, kitchen can extend into that living room space and island could be lengthwise and bigger to seat four.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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