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Suggestions for Ductless Hood over Island please

22 days ago
last modified: 22 days ago

I'm about to install an induction stove on my kitchen island and need to put in a good hood. I love to cook and want to find a hood that is strong enough for seared steaks or wok cooking. As I'm switching to induction (Gaggenau 400 36" full surface induction cooktop), I'm not concerned about gas fumes; it's mainly to remove grease and odors.

As you can see from the photograph, my ceiling is open and does not lend itself to a ducted hood. It would be very expensive and really destroy the open feeling of my kitchen/living room.

I just found these hanging ductless hoods made by Futuro Futuro:

36" Balance Charcoal Island Range Hood

36" Balance White Island Range Hood

They also make a 48" model which is not quite as good looking:

48" Perimeter Inox Island Range Hood

(However, the 48" coverage would allow me to add a Gaggenau 400 series gas wok burner to the right of the induction! I know, I'd be adding gas back in, but a potential problem with wok cooking over induction is that as soon as you lift the wok to toss the food, the heat stops...)

I would be grateful for suggestions here:

- Any recent experience with Futuro Futuro? (I read some bad reviews but they were from over a decade ago.)

- Any experience with their, or other brands', ductless hoods over an island?

- Any other brands I should consider?

Thank you....

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