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Blooms from the weekend.

28 days ago

Let me start off by saying that I have been enjoying all of the bloom posts this year. I probably won't post too often this year or make extensive comments this year as I am in the process of moving my entire garden to my new home. Long story short, my wife and I have separated and she is not a gardener and wants the plants to go. I will probably have them all moved by the end of August. Enough of my story, on to the pictures.

SILOAM MELVIN'S YELLOW as a single and then a polytepal. A very reliable early season bloomer. Blooming three weeks after being moved.

POLY ESTHER: Will throw a poly bloom every so often, but not today.

JP MONEYBAGS: A very consistent performer.

SILOAM LOUISE WATTS: A cute small pink out of Siloam Apple Blossom.

PURE AND SIMPLE: The orange this year is more intense than in previous years. It was a hot one yesterday and as this picture was taken around 2 pm.

LILY AMONG THORNS (or weeds based upon the picture). This was new this spring and this is the FFE in my new garden. Karol sent three fans of the plants I ordered.

WHITE TOOTH: Debra sent this to me this spring. I think I will have to harvest the pollen as I have plans for this plant, but this plant is still on TN time schedule. Thanks again Debra.

That is all for now.


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