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Here is the Batik quilt

25 days ago

I just now finished the stitching. There are a number of threads which need clipping and then into the washer.

The pattern is called Chop Suey by 4th and Main. I couldn’t find the pattern for sale but since it was on Pinterest, I figure fair game and it was easy enough to figure out.

When DGS#2 married a few years ago, I really overbought this batik. I have used it in several quilts and I still have yards left. I have no idea why I bought so much but I love it so keep using it.

Making the quilt was also easy but a couple of caveats…1. make sure you cut enough pieces , 2. be sure to sew sections together in the correct order and 3. watch the layout.

All things I ran into. Duh!

I am thinking about redoing it but reverse the colours. What do you think??

Backing is a flannel from Joann’s


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