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small powder room advice

22 days ago
last modified: 21 days ago


We’re in the process of remodeling our main level and are moving the powder room to a new space on the main level. Initially, the powder room was to be about 5.5x5 (see initial drawing below).

We’ve had to make some adjustments and now it is 4’5” x 4’9”. The change to the laundry/bath area is that we added in another wall for the plumbing along the outside wall and moved the w/d to the same wall the toilet/sink are on. This shrunk the bathroom.

The toilet and sink are on the larger wall as show in drawing below.

The rough-in is done and by my measurements, we’re looking at about 24 inches clearance in front of the toilet which has me concerned.

If anyone has photos of something similar, or feedback I’d appreciate it. I’m not sure our options to make it larger at this point … we probably could take from a closet and the laundry, but unsure the cost or if it would be worth it since the rough-in and framing for the new powder room are complete.

I’m trying to determine how awful this will be… any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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