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Trying to match new to old windows (partial replacement)

27 days ago
last modified: 27 days ago

Our house has 1975 Andersen wood casement windows that are in excellent condition. We invested in having them painted -- a lovely white Benjamin Moore inside and an earthy off-white Sherwin Williams outside, with trim matching the windows in both cases -- as we've brightened up a previously dark home. We've been here almost five years and have decided to make some changes that entail the purchase of 2 new windows and a set of French patio doors. Marvin and others make lovely products, but we want to go with Andersen for budget and a semblance of consistency with the existing 20 windows even though designs and materials are different in 2024.

The 200 and 400 series involves wood with exterior cladding that's not paintable or available as a custom-match color. We were told by the Home Depot windows guy (an old pro who has worked in windows for decades but not specifically for Andersen) that the 100 series, while a cheaper composite product, *would* be paintable even as that's not promoted by Andersen. If that's accurate, by going with that product we'd achieve an exact color match to existing windows on the exterior (as opposed to stark white--or a beige "canvas" color that's available with upgrade to 400 series windows and even pricier A series patio doors), maybe closer to our existing exterior paint but still not a match). However, going with the 100 series windows we'd have composite interiors whereas existing windows are wood interior.

My carpenter husband will be setting and trimming out the windows so will at least be able to paint the trim to match existing colors in and out. But having just a couple bright white windows will stand out and bug the hell out of me.

As for where these elements land in proximity to existing materials and colors: One new window is the only window in the room. The other is in close proximity to existing wood windows. The French doors, while less of a concern for matching window and trim colors, will also be in close proximity to the old stuff and presents its own conundrum; the supposedly paintable 100 series only comes in a sliding door, and we want inswing so will be choosing between 200, 400, and A series.

Hardware curveball: We have black hardware throughout the house, and the 200 series doors offer a black handle but not black hinges!! So 400 series it is on those doors, and they'll just have to be bright white from the factory?

Grill curveball: Our current windows don't have grills but I've been planning on trying to find an after-market supplier to retrofit colonial grids, which would complement the stone cottage home's architecture but are not longer available from Andersen for their old wood casements. I am thinking we should order the 2 new windows WITHOUT grills, so that all will be the same profile, material, etc. when we hopefully find that after-market product. Maybe that means composite windows should be ruled out, since most interior grills clip into wood frames? Meanwhile I think we SHOULD order the colonial grill feature on the new patio doors since that is a standalone item of sorts and if the door won't be paintable on the exterior we need that to match from the factory.


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