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First year rasberry trying to fruit - stop that?

So I have some fall/ever-bearing raspberries of an unknown variety. They weren't doing well where I had them so I dug them up last fall, bare rooted them and potted them. Once the ground was dry enough this spring I planted them in the prepared beds (as seen in the photos). Well they are a foot or so tall and starting to bloom. I was hoping they would be ready to fruit a little this fall but they are so small this year I'm thinking maybe I should remove the blooms and force them to focus on root development. I'm just looking for some other opinions here though. Let them fruit or fight their nature and try to prevent fruiting this year.

Here are some quick pics. They didn't turn out great but hopefully the 5 gallon bucket in the one photo will help give some perspective. (also...I know I need to do some weeding...ohh it's been a bad year for weeds this spring!)

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