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As the season progresses

These are a few that I managed to capture. I've missed some due to my knee injury, but hopefully I'll recover enough to get more photos before the season is over.

2nd year plant that finally bloomed this year. Is it a keeper? You judge:

Blazing Double Sunset FFO-temperatures in the mid to low 80's:

What it looked like 2 weeks later in my border with mostly sun at 97 degrees:

Blazing Double Sunset #2:

Zac Attack. Didn't manage to get many photos of it before it bloomed out.

Yesterday Memories. A real trooper with our climate. Going with me to the rest home:

I don't like "black" daylilies as a rule, but this has sooo many buds that I can't pass it on. If you like black you get your monies worth from this little one. An award winner for a reason:

Lil Black Buds

I think it is Sherry that kept posting this one. Well, congrats I finally am trying it. Only got this one picture before I went down:

Ruby Spider:

I've been looking for this for 3 years. It didn't disappoint. FFE was perfect and subsequent blooms have been that way too. The color is more complicated then I expected and I like that:

Snows Lake Crazies:

That's it for awhile..........Maryl

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