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Need help with a newly ordered rose that looks like RRD

Hi folks

I appreciate your help talking me down from the ledges recently on roses bought locally that looked suspicious. I freely admit that I am leery of RRD and seeing it in places I wouldn't think to look, so your wisdom is welcome. At this point I'm no longer objective so I need better eyes than mine.

I got the following rose in the mail last night and opened up the boxes but didn't look at them closely till today. The first rose in particular just looks wrong to me. I know that rose canes can get twisted in transit but the bent cane is soft and rubbery and twisted at least 90 degrees around from straight almost going flat in the middle of the curve of the cane.

I tried to capture the twist a little better here but the cane is behind another cane at this angle - it's the fuzzy looking image that's the pale green cane.

Here's the whole plant

I don't mind it being defoliated - it has been crowded in a hot box for several days. It's the twist and the rubbery cane and the unnatural curl that worries me.

Of course one I looked at that one, then I looked at the rest. At least 2 other roses look iffy, with a similar pattern. This one has an unnaturally curled cane that can't be from being crunched in a box since the upper canes are fine. Not only is the cane curled in an S shape, the leaves are bright red. Yes, I know that new growth is red and it's fine usually, but the bright red against the yellow cane looks just icky. Presumably the new growth is a basal cane and if it grew and was trapped in the box longer than a few days it could be yellow because of no sunlight. Still, I don't like the shape and the floppiness.

Here's the whole plant - a mini if you believe it, fully 3 feet tall and as high as my grill.

One last plant caught my eye once I started looking. It has that same weird curled cane that doesn't look like from the packing process. Normally this wouldn't worry me but I can't recall seeing things like this on mail order roses (these are from a good and familiar vendor) and I've ordered LOTS of roses over the years.

The whole plant

I realize this may just be a reaction to the shipping and packing but I'm needing to be extra cautious now that I have roses back in my yard. These three are staying quarantined from each other and the rest of my pot ghetto until I'm satisfied they're OK. If they're not OK, I wonder about the other roses closely packed with them since I have no idea which roses were in which box.

Thanks for your input folks! I promise not to post too often on these subjects but this needed opinions from wiser eyes than mine.


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