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Small walk/reach in closet - yay or nay?

22 days ago

Making a closet for my primary bedroom and taking some space from the bedroom beside it… looking for ideas to maximize functionality and space since it’ll be the only closet in the bedroom & there won’t be room for any dressers :(

The max dimensions for the space is 85”Wx40”D (~37.5”D after making a tiny partition wall. The ceilings are 89.5”H.

Unfortunately it’s not big enough for a walk in, but because we probably need more than 85”, this is what I’ve come up with!

Note: there will be no door to the closet.

Current plan:

  • left side: single rod at 66” (or maybe 67”-68”), shelves at 70” and 80”
  • middle: ikea sektion 30”Wx15”D, drawers and shelving, top shelf at 80”
  • right side: double rods at ~40” and ~77”, top shelf at 80”

Thoughts & advice appreciated!

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