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Moving Laundry to the Second Floor

24 days ago

Hi, we are planning to relocate our laundry room to the second floor. It is currently located off the garage where we enter the house, and it quickly turns into a disaster area because it is extremely tight in there. Plus, most of the laundry we generate is upstairs, so it makes sense. We have space next to a bathroom and talked to a contractor about moving it there and adding access from the hallway with a barn door. My only concern is how it will change the other room which is being used as a playroom. I would like to add a closet to keep it a "bedroom," but not sure where it would go. Also, the room is at the end of a narrow, long hallway. I'm worried we are going to make it look more narrow. The laundry room dimensions would be 5'9 x 8'8. Any advice? Thanks!

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