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Planning my living room decor for new build

last month

I’ve gone back and forth dozens of times on what furnishings to get for my living room in my new home, and I’d like some input. The look I’m trying to achieve is a relaxed, inviting, comfy, ‘Nancy Meyers’ kind of space.

The items with red marks indicate things I already own. I don’t love the leather sofa, but it has to stay for now. The rest of the furniture I would be buying.

These 2 mock-ups are the living room my not-yet-finished new build, so please excuse the way I’ve had to cobble this together. Lighting isn’t installed yet so it will be much brighter in the space. The built-in bookcase to the right of the fireplace will be white. Walls are going to be the color pictured and the flooring is in process of being installed, so those decisions are not changing.

I’m mainly interested in seeing what kind of vibe you all get from the space, based on these mock ups.

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