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The Hospital and a broken hip

28 days ago

Yes, I broke mine yesterday morning, had surgery at 4 pm and am still in the hospital. I was at my usual Tuesday morning volunteer gig at the botanical garden greenhouses. Several of us were planning to clean out and organize what we call the ’pot barn’ which is an open air storage area for various size plastic pots. Someone had propped a tabletop-type piece against the entry and I tripped on it. I caught the toe of my left foot on it and it sort of spun me sideways. I landed hard on my right hip and knew right away it was bad.

An ambulance transported me to the ER where i got X-rays and was admitted for surgery. I am fortunate they could do the surgery the same day and the surgeon was excellent. DD is a Nurse Practitioner, formerly worked in the ED and still has ’connections’ and friends within the hospital. I had great treatment.

DH took this photo of the screen the ED doc showed us. I now have a rod holding my hip bones in place. The surgery itself only took around 30 minutes; the ER and surgery prep and waiting a lot longer.

Last night and today was fun-filled…BP readings, blood draws (at 3:30 am?), asking if i had peed, taking a bladder scan, more BP readings and blood draws, a catheter at 5:30, muscle relaxers to calm the muscle spasms (the worst part of all this), then PT around 8:30 this morning. I hope to go home tomorrow after a PT session with stairs.

Be careful folks. This was the most painful injury EVER!

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