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Struggling with flooring options

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We absolultely love the 2-story wood paneled walls in the family room of the house we just bought. However, we need to update the carpet on the main floor to something that works better with allergies and a family of 6 plus 2 dogs.

The photos are all realtor photos from the listing.

Things we like

We really like the character of the wood in the living room, office and loft area.

We also like the popular style of today of gray walls, white trim, and medium-dark wood floors (not too dark). However, we definitely want to keep the loft, office and family room wood, and we're pretty sure medium-dark wood floors would clash with that.

We want consistent flooring throughout the main level, except kitchen/laundry. We prefer wood floors, because we don't really like tile/stone outside of the kitchen/laundry area - it's too physically cold and aesthetically uninviting.

Plan to change

We're definitely doing new flooring on the main floor, probably brick in the kitchen and laundry room, but open to other options (including keeping the existing wood floors).

Long-term, we'll probably change out the cabinets and countertops, but we're keeping them for right now, as that can get pretty expensive, and what we want to do before we move in, isn't cheap either (e.g. adding a bedroom/bathroom).

We're thinking of swapping out the gold door door hardware throughout the house with perhaps a black or an aged bronze.

We'll be removing all wallpaper and painting the walls of the entire house - the tan walls and pure white walls are pretty blah. We're not sold or married to any color paint yet (perhaps very light gray with undertones?), but want to keep it mostly consistent on the main floor. We are thinking the office and dining room might be different.

We don't know what color in the dining room yet, but for the office, we think maybe a dark charcoal in the office to pop the wood, and give it a moody feeling, similar to this:

We're thinking about painting the wainscoting and trim (perhaps even the non-glass doors) a white or off-white across the rest of the main floor (except family room, office, loft), so that the oak isn't everywhere and too overpowering. This would also create a special/unique feeling for the living room, loft and office, rather than being lost in the sea of tan and oak.

Part of the reason too for white, is that the dining room already has white wainscoting, and needs white trim and molding as well (we don't like the clash of the rails/molding/trim). However, we're open to the idea of keeping the wainscoting/trim a wood color in the rest of the house and painting the dining room waintscoting/trim a different color (except the door), perhaps a bold black?

We're considering adding wainscoting in the living room, so the main floor has it consistently, including the entry way, but I don't think it's entierly necessary. And, for the immediate future, it'll be a kids playroom and won't be used much by adults.

If we paint the wainscoting and trim white, we'd probably keep the stairs in wood, so that it flows nicely up to the loft. We want to remove the carpet from the stairs and add a runner.

So anyway... yeah... the floors... a light natural oak might work with the family room + loft wood? But we want the flooring to be consistent across the main floor (except kitchen/laundry) and are worried about it clashing or looking dated if we go with white trim/wainscoting.

I've also included a photo of the land, since we're surrounded by mature trees and have views of mountains behind us, and that probably will play into the look that we're going for.

Thanks for dropping in and offering your 2c!

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