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Shopping experts, dupe of RH Holmes medicine cabinet?

25 days ago
last modified: 25 days ago

I'm looking for a medicine cabinet--actually, two matching medicine cabinets--similar to the Restoration Hardware "Holmes" medicine cabinet. Specifically, I'm looking for these features:

1. Mirrored front has black frame with square (not rounded) corners

2. Mirrored interior - bonus if there is a mirror on the back of the door, or a magnifying mirror

3. Width in the 20 - 24 inch range and height of 28 - 36 inches.

4. Recessed installation

5. Price $750 or less (my budget for the pair of medicine cabinets is $1500)

I like the Kohler Verdera and it has all the features I'm looking for EXCEPT the rounded corners don't look sufficiently vintage/traditional for our black-and-white bathroom remodel. I love everything about the Holmes except the ridiculous price, especially since I need a medicine cabinet for both the vanities in the bathroom. Price tag is the same problem I have with Robern, which otherwise has some great options.

Any suggestions?

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  • 24 days ago

    Paint? Have you found one you like that is perfect, except being the wrong color? Paint it.