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shirleybee Double-hung vs casement window over bathroom vanity

last month

I'm in the final moments of choosing a window for a bathroom remodel and need some advice...

The window is 20" wide x 36" tall and will be over a 21" deep vanity.

One option is a double-hung window. I'm 5'6" tall and am worried that it will be hard for me to lean over the vanity and open the top part of the window. This likely won't be an issue for my 6'2" husband.

The other option is to use a casement (crank out) window. There's plenty of room outside for this to work. And it would provide a slightly better view out the window. But the window would have the screen inside, so you'd always see the screen. We have this in other windows in our house, and I don't love it.

Do you have any thoughts or advice on whether to choose the hard-to-open double-hung, or the somewhat unsightly screen-inside-the-window?

(If it's at all relevant, we're using Marvin Elevate windows to match other windows in our house.)

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