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New exterior finish for a Cape Cod style house

last month

Context: The project is a full remodel including extensive interior alterations and all new exterior finishes. The subject house is in a prime neighborhood of Columbus Ohio, and the price per square foot is among the highest in the city.
Major parts of the subdivision are in the historic district. Though the house is not historic, the historic character and materials are prevalent in the neighborhood. The subject property is a true cape code style house - it has a steep roof with dormer windows, slate roof, and a large central chimney.
Please keep in mind that our intentions are to preserve the character of a cape cod style house, fit in with the neighborhood, and sell the house for a profit (budget is important to us).

Advice needed:

  • The interior layout would be super practical if we remove the chimney. We will build a new fireplace in the rear but it will not be visible to the front. Given the context, I would have loved to preserve all of the characteristics of a cape cod. However, from an exterior point of view, do you think it has any impact on the property’s value to remove the large central chimney (main characteristic of a cape cod)?

  • We intend to save money but meet the standard in the neighborhood and create a beautiful high end product. It’s pretty common to see asphalt (premium) shingle and metal roofs in the area. But the house currently has a slate roof that needs to be replaced. Again, given the context, what materials would you use in the replacement of the roof?

  • Lastly, what suggestions do you have to replace the current siding? Stucco, stone, brick, fiber cement, wood siding are all appropriate for the neighborhood.
    We’d love to achieve our goal without using too much stone, brick, or stucco if possible.

Thanks in advance!

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