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More June Seedlings

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Luckily, today did not reach the predicted 93 degrees. The afternoon was cloudy with some faint sprinkles, so the temp only rose to 89.

I've had several pretty red seedlings blooming recently.

Clickbait X Seedling first bloomed yesterday.- I like the bright red color on this one, along with the white edge and watermark.

Blazing Cannons X Armed to the Teeth - The edge is more gold than it appears in this photo.

Crowning Fire X Woman in Red

Diver Down X Seedling

This is my big 8-inch red likely out of Red Venom and Dancing Flamingo.

The next two are from the cross of Freedom of Expression and Violet Sabrewing.

Freedom of Exp. X VS 4 - This is the first flower ever. The other three sibs first bloomed last year. I love the sepals on this one!

Freedom of Exp. X VS 2

Dancing Flamingo X Neon Flamingo #2

English Lavender X Seedling

Skin of My Teeth X Midnight Castle #1 - This one was hit hard by grubs two years ago and is finally recovering.

White Tooth X God Save the Queen end of the day

Grandma's Smile X Dearest Valentine


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