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Buckles and Bows … for Mtn

28 days ago
last modified: 28 days ago

Sorry it took so long to get these photos. I know you were only interested in the tortoiseshell buckle ornament but I also took pics of both Vivaia shoes with the bows attached to keep in my wardrobe file. I have quite a few shoes and sometimes forget to wear some pairs if I don’t scan the photo file first.

Ivory ballet flat and almond pump with the resin ornaments. They slide on in a manner that is very secure and your toes don’t feel a thing.

Black and ivory grosgrain bows are good quality, sturdy and made of special ribbon that is a thickness I’ve never seen—- it is industrial strength ribbon 🙂

Mocha and ginger bows (their names, not mine). W

Red, pink, green and navy bows are also available, and there is another resin ornament (that I’m calling a buckle) that is off white with flecks of many colors. I can imagine it would look good on red, navy or green shoes—- something colorful, with the right outfit.

I bought these all on sale and used a thank you coupon from my purchase of these two pairs of shoes. I don’t remember what I paid for them but whatever it was they are certainly worth it. I’ve worn the mocha and black ones and plan to wear the ginger bows and tortoiseshell ones with early fall clothing.

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