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Help with front yard landscaping and door color for Salt Box Cape

last month

My home has two doors facing the street but we never use the front door (no sidewalk, or on street parking so it’s safer/easier to park in the driveway and use the driveway door. I plan on removing all the bushes by both doors. I would like to make the driveway door the focus as this is the door everyone uses. I have two design dilemmas’

1. I could use almost any color paint on the doors as the house is a light grey, but having two street facing doors so far apart pulls the eye in two directions, especially as the driveway door is set back. My thought was to paint the front door a color closer to the house color, so it recedes and paint the driveway door a different color to draw the eye there. I would place a bench under the two windows at the front of the driveway, add potted plants, nicer mailbox etc. near the driveway door to make that entrance the focus. Is it better to paint both doors the same color or ok to mix them? Or is it best aesthetically to keep the focus on the front door although I don't want people to go there. What colors do you think would work best in this situation?

2. The bigger issue is what to do about the front yard which is all grass on both sides of the driveway

The grass runs to the road but with no curb or sidewalk it’s messy looking. I am not a gardener so flowerbeds although lovely, would not work as I need minimal maintenance. There is also quite a bit of yard to the left of the house. As you can see in the second photo, the front/side yard opens to the back yard which runs past the house all the way to to cement slab you see in the background. I thought something to separate the front/side yard from the back might help define the front yard and create a design focus. Also, about 16 tall pine trees were removed on that side of the yard and replaced with arborvitaes. It will be several years however before the trees grow big enough to fill in the space and replace the privacy between my yard and the neighbors. Any thoughts on how best to approach the landscaping on each side given the layout of the house and land? It’s hard for me to visualize a design that will look aesthetically pleasing so your comments are most welcomed.

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