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Way behind in posting, highlights, clumps

25 days ago

I've been very busy. This will be my last post for about a week. Then I will really be behind posting and looking.

Bali Water Color and Castle Pinkney

Belle Isle Sentry. Even though it started 2 weeks before anything else, it still has more buds left than most!! What a plant.

Egyptian Ibis duo

Green Inferno clump. Has done well.

Fiordiligi and Metaphor

Rob Cobb towers over everything with huge flowers & great shows often.

Bali Water Color x Sugar Magnolia, 9 inch blooms. To the left is Belle Isle Sentry and a seedling out of Laura Harwood.

Sugar Magnolia

Yellow Monkey finally clumped after many years. But look at the foliage; the worst in my garden.

seedling Christopher Russell x Orange Velvet. Tall and well budded.

Astral Voyager

I'll stop here.


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