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My new bathroom

last month
last modified: last month

A while back I asked a couple questions about our primary bath remodel -- one about the layout and another about recommendations for vanities. And another recently about bidets (haven't purchased that yet, but probably will).

8 full weeks but we are finally complete as of today. Well, a couple punch list items, but all very minor. No accessories/decor yet as painter just left a few minutes ago.

I also was following @salonva 's primary bath remodel because we were just starting as she was finishing and got some good info from those posts as well.

I could not be happier. You'll understand why when you see the before in the comments.

Also, someone (I think mtn) had warned me off Restoration Hardware vanities. I took a chance because RH said if I didn't like them, they will pick them up. That service is included in the delivery fee. I could not have been happier. They are very well made and I love them. The stone tops are not from RH. We picked out our own slab that was used for the counters and the slab on the ledge wall in the shower.

The vanities (taken from inside the shower).

If anyone is in central NJ and wants a contractor recommendation, I was very happy with ours. We will have him do our hall bathroom soon-ish.

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  • last month

    Dressing area just outside bathroom. Bathroom door on the right. Walk in closet on left.

  • last month

    and now for the ugly before. Yes it was this ugly.

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    Kristi, I hope you're still checking back here. I'm very interested in your tile. Is it more beige-ish, or gray-ish, or both? It's hard to tell from your photos. I'd like to do something similar in my smallish master bath. Would you say it's light in color? I'm afraid of making the bathroom too dark. Also, I really love the way you placed the tiles. It seems to be a herringbone pattern - am I right? I live in New Jersey, and I can't seem to find a store that carries Sarana tiles, but I'll keep looking.
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    For the main floor, I think there are a few good options. Usually for shower floors you want small tiles with lots of grout lines for better friction. 1) Play it safe with a tile like the one you chose. 2) I would use a dark gray or black large hexagon tile. Something like this, but on the floor. This would be cool with your black and white theme. Use small black hex on the shower floor to coordinate with the main tile. (Don't use the small hex for the main floor though. Too much grout.) 3} Use your cement tile as the main floor tile. This would look amazing flowing from the wall to the shower floor to the rest of the floor. Very sleek and continuous.
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    You ask a very good question. 1) You mentioned mold. Has this been remediated (bleach)? No wood rot? 2) You want this to dry out really good so we would advise leaving it open. 3) After the new installation, have the standard shower "flood test" done and wait 24-48 hours. If all is good, then have them proceed with the repairs to the ceiling. 4) Warranty? The most important thing you can be doing right now is hiring a qualified contractor to do this work and specifying that all work will comply with TCNA standards. Sorry you are dealing with this. We get too many "leaking into dining room/living room/ basement" calls (not our work). Make sure your contractor knows what he/she is doing and ask how they will be constructing the shower, and document/photograph the stages. Good luck with your project.
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  • last month

    Beautiful! Love your little dressing area, too! Simply serene. Enjoy!

    jsk thanked mtnrdredux_gw
  • last month

    What a transformation! It’s just beautiful!

    jsk thanked porkandham
  • last month

    You did a wonderful job! I especially love the skylights with the green of the trees visible. They bring the outside in to a very private, tranquill space!

    jsk thanked ajuju
  • last month

    I don’t believe you that it’s the same room!


    Seriously, WOW, jsk! It’s wonderful! Love your choices … it’s so luxe and fresh and inviting. I’m very jealous of your shower. The light fixture is perfection.

    Really happy for you, you must be loving it! :)

    jsk thanked Jilly
  • last month

    ” I especially love the skylights with the green of the trees visible.

    I agree! That’s a fabulous feature.

    jsk thanked Jilly
  • last month

    Wow! Amazing transformation!

    jsk thanked Sueb20
  • last month

    Perfection, jsk! The chandelier, the skylight, the overall spacious feel, the dressing area…all so pretty. We have a similar towel rack and love it’s usefulness.

    jsk thanked OutsidePlaying
  • last month

    It's beautiful--congratulations! And such a more practical bathroom, as well. More love for the skylight here, too.

    jsk thanked Feathers11
  • last month

    What a fabulous transformation - I can see why you are thrilled!!

    jsk thanked rubyclaire
  • last month


    jsk thanked maddielee
  • last month

    So nice! I wish your contractor would commute to Philadelphia.

    jsk thanked dedtired
  • last month

    Very nice.

    jsk thanked palimpsest
  • last month

    What a great bathroom. FABULOUS.

    jsk thanked arcy_gw
  • last month

    Looks great!

    The only thing I would add, is to paint the window frame white.

    jsk thanked chispa
  • last month

    Wow, this really turned out good! I like the RH vanities.

    jsk thanked gsciencechick
  • last month

    Wow! What a beautiful transformation.

    jsk thanked Bunny
  • last month

    Wow! What a transformation. What I particularly find transforming to the actual space of the room is how you took the shower tile to the wall height under the skylight and then took it straight around at that same height. Doing that keeps your eye down to the interesting part of the bathroom instead of having the eye flying all over the place to the high corners.

    Nicely done!

    jsk thanked blfenton
  • last month

    So nice! What is the wall color? It looks perfect with everything.

    jsk thanked deegw
  • last month

    Wow, that's one of my faves that I've seen here. I love the contrast of the dark vanities, and the vibe of elegance. Nice chandelier! Really cool space.

    jsk thanked Mrs. S
  • last month

    It’s Purty!

    Can I ask questions? What are the marked off rectangles? Do you step in to the shower in your birthday suit to turn it on? Is it cold? Do the items on the train shelf and hooks stay dry? (I seem to splash suds everywhere.)

    jsk thanked bpath
  • last month

    Very pretty! We couldn’t do without a tub at our house though.

    jsk thanked 3katz4me
  • last month

    WOW WEEEEE! That's purdy!!!!! What a drastic difference! Love it!

    jsk thanked arkansas girl
  • last month

    Nice transformation!

    jsk thanked Allison0704
  • last month

    Beautiful choices!

    jsk thanked Olychick
  • last month

    Thanks for the kind words everyone.

    To answer some questions...

    Window - I could have had them paint the window itself, but I'm afraid it will not last and will end up peeling with the opening and closing of the window. I do admit it bothers me in the bathroom. I've done the same thing with all the windows (painted trim but left window wood) and I actually like the look in all the other rooms, but not in the bathroom for some reason. I do need to find some kind of window treatment so hoping that will make it less obvious. Window treatment will be for looks. Don't need it for privacy. Nobody can see in this window.

    The wall color is BM Decorator White. DH was pushing for something darker for more contrast but I really wanted a serene, calm, spa like space. I love it. He agreed it's perfect once it was painted.

    @bpath not sure what "marked off triangles" you're referring to? It's a curbless shower. No door. Just walk right in. The control to turn on the water is on the back ledge wall, far enough away from the shower head on the right so you can turn it on without getting wet before it warms up. It also controls which head (main shower head on right or the hand held on the back ledge wall) the water is directed to. Can go to one or the other or both at same time.

    We have not used the shower yet. Today is the first day we can use it (had to wait for silicone around shower glass to set), but we just realized they haven't hooked up the exhaust vent to the pipe in the attic that takes it out the roof. Grrrr. Guess I'll be showering in the hall bath AGAIN.

    The hope is the train rack is far enough away from the shower head (the shower is 8 feet wide) that towels won't get wet. I cannot wait to find out!

    About a tub - I tried to come up with a layout that included a tub, but I just couldn't make it work and have a large shower (lived with a tiny shower for so long I was determined to over compensate!). We are not tub people. DH would never use it. I probably used the previous tub 4 or 5 times in the 27 years we've lived here. The hall bath has a tub, so for resale purposes hoping that's enough. If we ever sell.

  • last month

    I see what bpath is talking about. In the 2nd pic, there are 3 black-outlined rectangles. One in the shower, one high on the wall above the shower, and one low on the wall next to the door. I thought the one in the shower was a niche, but it's hard to tell?

    jsk thanked Sueb20
  • last month

    WOW! Gorgeous! It turned out really nice.

    jsk thanked nicole___
  • last month

    Ah, "rectangles". Not "triangles". Duh! Reading comprehension is so important!

    The one high on wall above shower is the cover for the exhaust vent. I didn't want one of those grills that I find unattractive and always get grimy and are hard to clean. So it's a flush mount vent cover. It gets mudded in when drywalling. And the cover slips right in and is paintable.

    The one in the shower is a niche with a door. The door gets tiled to match the shower tile so all you see is the outline. We'll use it to hide the necessary but not attractive things -- razors, cleaning sponge, etc.

    The one low down on wall next to door is the ac/heat vent. Again you tile the cover so all you see is the outline instead of a grill cover.

    All 3 are from here:

    I can highly recommend them. Their products are not cheap but they are well made and their customer service was wonderful. The niche was damaged in shipping but we didn't realize it until a few months later when the tile guy was about to tile it. Turns out there was a pinhole in the box that we didn't see on inspection and the corner of the until was slightly dented. We emailed the company and they immediately shipped a new one and gave us label to ship back the old one. We were very happy.

  • last month
    last modified: last month

    Wow, thank you dani! Quite the complement.

    There's a pot light in ceiling above shower. I think that's what is shining on the shelf making it look like a light.

    The wall color is BM Decorator White and the trim is BM Super White. I thought there would be a little more contrast between the two but they're almost the same.

    I have to give DH credit for the marble ledge wall. I was willing to compromise and just tile it with the white subway tile. I'm so glad he convinced me it was worth the cost to do the slab. He was 100% right. I love it.

    I love the white subway tile so much. The pictures do not do it justice. It has such a beautiful wave to it. You can see the texture in this pic we took of the floor display in a store in NYC where we first saw it.

  • last month

    oh wow- I can see why you are so pleased-- I mean thrilled. That is just stunning and spectacular and all the superlatives.

    Now you can enjoy it!

    jsk thanked salonva
  • last month

    Thanks @salonva. You know the feeling of finally having it done! Today is the first day of no workers in my house in 8 weeks and it's wonderful!

  • last month

    Really happy that your husband pushed re: the marble slab - absolutely perfect!

    I did notice the type of white tile that you installed - I have a similar looking one with “waves”on the surface in a guest bathroom that I am finishing up (it’s “white” - but a v4 variation - color depends on how thick the glaze is on each tile). The white tile that you selected works nicely with the marble.

    I actually wondered if the pot light on the ceiling was reflecting off the shelf - but wasn’t sure if it was simply a reflection - or if you had actually installed an accent light!

    I was pretty sure that you used two different colors for the walls and trim - but then wondered if the paint sheen was just making it appear that you had used different whites. I think it looks really nice.

    I KNEW THAT WAS A HIDDEN NICHE!! I saw it - and immediately thought it was a tiled door - great idea for the smaller items that can make a niche/ledge/shelf look messy.

    I have a hanging light fixture for my bathroom - but now I want one like yours! Mine has capiz shells - and it’s pretty - but now I’m starting to question it. Would you mind sharing the info for it?

    One last question - is the countertop for your dressing area vanity a solid white quartz? If yes, which exact brand/color is it?

    Okay - I’ll leave you alone (for now 😂)

    jsk thanked dani_m08
  • last month

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!

    jsk thanked pudgeder
  • last month
    last modified: last month

    @dani_m08 DH here. The chandelier is from West Elm:

    I'm actually not sure what brand the quartz is, but the name is Pure White (the stone place supplied it in response to our request for a pure white quartz). The stone fabricator did a fantastic job with the wrapping of the multi-level makeup vanity top as per our specifications.

    Here's a closer shot of the shower area in the morning light:

  • last month

    It’s lovely, Jsk! So airy and peaceful. I love the skylight and am looking foreward to an update with your added decorations. Like you, we’ve just finished a months long major reno of our master bath. Ugh! I totally understand your relief of finally not having workers there every day!!!

    jsk thanked LynnNM
  • last month

    Lynn, I was just thinking of you. I noticed NM had some pretty nasty fires but they don't seem near you. Hope the smoke isn't bad.

  • 29 days ago
    last modified: 29 days ago

    Oh, Lynn looking forward to seeing your remodeled bath. It seems to be a trend here!

    Dani - our chandelier is also capiz. I've wanted a capiz light fixture somewhere in my house forever but never had a good spot. Until now!

    We are having one more pot light installed in the celiing (hopefully today). Once the shower glass went in, it created this effect of the floor tile being shaded/darker just outside the shower. Never occurred to us that would happen from the clear glass. Hoping one more pot light centered on the ceiling, which will be above that area, will fix that issue. And then we are DONE DONE!

  • 29 days ago

    Also, I can report that the towels on the towel rack do not get wet when showering. Whew!

    First shower in there last night and it was glorious!

  • 28 days ago

    Beautiful transformation!

    jsk thanked Irish2
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