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All Things Seedlings and More

last month
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Yesterday, on the hottest day of the year at 98 degrees, we had a serious thunderstorm that knocked out power, and my air conditioning. Luckily the power was restored within just 2.5 hours. We had two more milder thunderstorms after that. My area ended up getting 1.5 inches of much needed rain.

The deer have now taken all of Pretty Desirable, Integrated Logistics, Trance and Shelby.

On a brighter note, my seedlings out of All Things to All Men have started to bloom. They have such pretty faces! Too bad they don't have much plant under them. Grubs have gotten to the roots of most of them. They have not multiplied since last year.

Blue Over You X All Things 1

Well-Known Purple X All Things 2

Tides Roll In X All Things 3 - I put this one in a pot to try to better protect it from the grubs. I hope with all the fertilizer it's growing strong roots.

Now for some registered daylilies.

Canary Flush

Serrated Sentinel

Grandma's Smile

Faith That Moves Mountains

Lonesome Jaguar

Carefree Sunset

Spacecoast Irish Illumination


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