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Maximize Layout For 6x15 bathroom and bedroom

last month

Hi All - we would like to renovate our primary bath attached to our bedroom and would appreciate some input/ideas if anyone is inclined. I have only "designed" 1 bathroom at a prior house, and it was fairly straight-forward, whereas in this one we have some key decisions and options to make that are giving me pause.

Here is the background:

  • The space we are working with is currently split between a small closet and a small bathroom. Neither feel that useful in their current sizing and prior owner didn't even use the closet because it is very cold and probably needs better insulation. If we open up the space and utilize all of it for bathroom we will have a 6 ft x 15ft bathroom with 2 windows currently in it. Does this feel excessive for a primary bath? I worry it's too small as it stands now but will be too big at 15 feet...
  • The current space has 2 doors - 1 to the closet and 1 to the bathroom. If we combine the rooms, which door should we keep? Note the door into the bedroom is currently right near the door to the small bathroom. That is also where the existing sink, tub and shower are - we are expecting we will have to move plumbing around but i'm not sure how feasible it will be to change the sanitary drain for the toilet so we may need to keep it in or near it's current location.
  • If we close one of the doors, we might instead build a wardrobe along the wall space we gain inside the bedroom for hanging clothes and some drawer/shelving storage. There is another closet recessed in a wall on the other side of the fireplace but it's a little odd and if we could build enough storage in the bedroom elsewhere, we may actually close it up and instead access it from the other side of the wall in the neighboring guest bedroom instead.

I've tried googling 6x15 foot bathroom ideas and don't come across many that fit this layout. Would appreciate anyone with a good eye to weigh in on placement within the bathroom, what should we realistically include (shower only or shower and separate tub), which door should we keep as the main entrance and bonus if anyone has thoughts on fitting a wardrobe outside the bathroom along the wall when we walk into the bedroom.

This is my first time posting so please let me know if i can provide any useful information. I've provided a sketch i did based on measurements we took of the space (i can already tell the #s from my husband are not perfect but hopefully it gives an idea of what we're working with).

Thank you!

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