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TV room layout help

last month

My dilema…the front door has no entry and opens into tv room where you walk between tv and seating to pass through the house. The only two spaces for the tv is right next to the stairs, causing all company entering to walk in front of the tv OR the opposite wall, and I am
Not sure there is enough depth to the room. We are going to remodel the staircase and I really do not want the tv sitting in front of it once it’s done, if I can find an alternative. I up measured about 120” of depth available if I was to place tv on opposite wall and still
Leaving about 24” walking path space at the most narrow point. Is 120” enough space for a console, coffee table and sofa? The tv is 63” and we entertain especialy during football season and watch a lot of movies as a family so comfort and plenty seating is important. Also to consider, is it bad design to enter to the back of a couch? Our current sectional is 80” in depth and will most likely be down sizing if we change the layout of furniture. I like the idea of a sofa and two accent chairs that swivel.

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