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Is this Paul’s Scarlet Climber?

last month

Growing at a largely abandoned old farmhouse nearby, the owners visit a couple of times a year to do some maintenance.

My tentative ID is because this was a popular red climber sold here back in the day and is still sold in traditional (mostly agricultural) plant suppliers. The locals tend to be conservative inasmuch as it’s rare to see new varieties - if a red climber worked for many, many decades, why change it?!

I think it has exploded into growth because we have had a massive amount of rain in the past few months. There is no scent that I can detect, but blooms were way overhead. Foliage seems very healthy. Few thorns, but some on newer growth. I should of taken photos of buds, pedicels etc but can pop by and take a few more detailed shots if that would help.

Anyone grow it and could compare for me?

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