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Soil with nutsedge in front yard, and rusty nails and glass in back -

last month

We hired a landscaper who we really like personally and seems to genuinely care and want to do a good job but... the soil he's using feels like the stuff of nightmares.

In the front yard, we got this nutsedge infestation 2 weeks after he laid down the soil and mulch (yard was untended for years before we moved in and really just compacted dirt). Today he put soil in the back and I dug a few holes to check for weeds but instead found 2 old nails, a huge chunk of glass, and various pieces of plastic and other trash within less than ten minutes of shallow digging in maybe 5 spots.

What would you recommend at this point -- should I have him take out all the soil he's brought in and replace it with something I buy myself?

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