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Looking for durable/reliable bathroom vanity that won't break the bank

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Need to buy a new white 36" bathroom vanity with sink & backsplash. The total width of the space in the bathroom that I can work with is 36 and 3/4 inch, so the 37" vanities won't work.

Ideally, would like to spend less than $1000 on it. and ideally less than 800.

There are several seemingly good vanities made of MDF around $450 at Home Depot, but see some reviews that they are not durable, don't withstand moisture, the paint is peeling, the wood is bulging, etc:



I am not not looking for something that will last 20 years, don't mind the MDF, but at least want it to last 4-5 years without looking visually old & bad. Some other ones made from plywood or solid wood or the mix of solid wood / MDF go for a $1000 or more. Are they good? Any good vanities you can recommend?

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