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New neighbor added New Fence and shed. How to hide zone 7

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Bought my home 7 years ago. My backyard was a jungle. Trees and overgrown plants everywhere. Removed 4 trees and several gardens, expanded the patio, widened the beds around the house, replaced the old shed that had a tree growing through it. . .

I left the big trees in the one corner of the backyard and a row of forsythia that separated my yard from the neighbor behind me. The forsythia is not my favorite hedge plant, but was already established. This neighborhood had covenants that didn't allow any fences, then allowed fences only if you had a pool, but as of 2020 the city changed the rules and now anyone in the city can have a fence up to 4' tall in the front of their home and 6' tall in the back of their home. The fence has to be a minimum of 2' from the property line. The forsythia were planted on the property line in the 1960s when no fences were allowed.

The last neighbor removed the tree from their backyard that hid a good portion of the house from my view.

Got a new neighbor about 2 weeks ago. They added a shed at the back of their property and now put in a 6' solid fence.

Picture with just the shed (had just cut the forsythia back). It should grow back to cover the utility pole and the top of the fence by end of summer, but does need cut back every year and I cut it all the way to the ground a few years back when the bottoms were getting thin.

Picture with the fence

The fence is both good and bad.

Good - The woman who moved in with her 16 year old son has been rather unpleasant both when I went over to introduce myself and when she had workers measuring for the fence and my dogs ran out and barked at them. When I introduced myself her realtor was with her and quite pleasant. She hardly spoke. When my dogs were outside she screamed at them like they were attacking a small child yelling "don't you dare come over here". I have an invisible fence and my dogs never leave my yard. She motioned for me to come over and when I did she told me she didn't want my dogs biting any of the workers on her property or biting her or her son when they mowed their lawn. She was really aggressive, loud and angry.

The fence will protect me and my dogs from her mouth.

Bad - I really don't like looking at a fence, really prefer a more natural view.

I live in zone 6/7 South/Central PA (changed from 6 to 7 in the past few years).

Looking for plants that will fill in some of the spots where the fence is viewable behind the trees and something for in front of the forsythia that will hide the spaces at the bottom.


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