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Refacing kitchen cabinets?

last month

Hi all,

tl/dr: Is it possible to match new white cabinet doors and drawer fronts to existing white kitchen trim?

I’ve remodeled three kitchens, including one i posted about on the extremely helpful gardenweb forum (looks like my reveal thread is lost to time—it was around 2015 and the title was kind of like something old, something new because I incorporated an existing built-in hoosier style cabinet.

Anyway, we are now in a 7 year old builder’s spec house and the kitchen is showing some wear. We don’t intend to stay in this house long term, so it isn’t worth the money or effort to do a full remodel.

The kitchen cabinets are white and the doors under the sink have some chips and places where they got swollen due to the builder grade dishwasher venting steam. A couple of other doors have chips in low use areas.

I am not willing to put in the work to completely repaint these myself. Been there, done that. i am concerned that a professional repaint job won’t hold up for more than a few years and we probably have 4-10 left in this house.

Anyone ever have any luck matching doors and drawer fronts exactly so that all of the existing trim still matches? (The cabinet frames don’t show, but we have a refrigerator enclosure, wall ovens, and an island so there’s a lot of trim.) I don't want to try to hunt down the original manufacturer since their finish didn’t hold up to begin with. Also, anyone ever successfully convert lower cabinets to drawers when refacing?

Bonus question, I hate the 36 inch kenmore gas rangetop this house came with. It doesn’t have a decent low burner, it’s terrible to clean, and I miss my induction.

About the only 36 inch induction rangetop seems to be viking, which wouldn't be my first choice brand and it is around $6000. My only other option here would require replacing the countertop and fixing the cabinet underneath to cover where the rangetop controls are, right? (Well, or replacing the rangetop and drawers underneath with a range. Also expensive, I would lose storage, and the range doors would conflict with the dishwasher.) Am I missing an option?

Thank you for any thoughts on these questions!

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