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HELP w/ tub waterproofing issue (WAS: tub surround tile butting issue)

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This post started about tile, then moved to the problems with my layout which would result in water leakage. Now I would love thoughts on what layout to go with. Back to the original builder layout, shown here? Not sure how the integration between tub and shower would happen.

Context is that I am out $120k and 8 months in AirBnB due to extensive mold remediation, thanks in part to corrupt builder D.R. Horton. Both bathrooms are gutted, kitchen sink area/floor is gutted. Some walls and all first floor ceiling is gutted. I need to move back in asap due to $1000/week lodging. I need this bathroom functioning to move back in. (I will use downstairs half-bath sink for washing dishes until I can get kitchen done.) I can't wait for special order components.

Tub/Shower integration


Before responding, I'd appreciate it if you would review my comment titled "IMPORTANT BACKGROUND / HISTORY."

EDIT: Several people, including PROs, have pointed out the issue of the tub not having a flange, given that there will be a shower. (It is on a platform.)

QUESTION 1: It can be undermounted - does that make a difference?

QUESTION 2: I've read here and elsewhere about a tile flange kit, although I don't see one on American Std's web site, and I don't know how important it is that it is from the manufacturer.

QUESTION 3: There will be cement/backer board above the tub, but open to studs below. Is there any benefit to having cement/backer board all the way down? It seems to me if it goes all the way down and the floor also has cement board, and the wall/floor seams are sealed, that would at least add a back up layer of protection?


Hello, I have a problem with how tile from 3 planes meet (RED CIRCLE in drawings). Contractor is working, need to figure out solution asap.... [I deleted the rest of the original post because based on the comments, it is no longer relevant.]

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