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Trying to catch up a bit

last month

Been so hectic the last couple of weeks I have missed posting again. I have been taking quick peeks at all your posts though, enjoying

Not the best picture of born to Reign, it has been doing really good this year. I just have not taken as many pictures. Seem to miss the best ones!

Bubble Gum Twist looked really good here, one of 3 blooms I got from 8 scapes. The deer thought it looked good too.

Buffalo Thunder is new this spring so short. Much prettier than it looks in this picture. I took several photos but it looks so much larger and wider than in the pictures. Darker too.

Desert Solitaire

Forever and For always

Faberge Easter

Irish Mayhem has not been more than 8" tall since it arrived 3 yr ago


Shark Infested Waters

Sweet Almond Mint

Hello Heartstrings

New one I got from daylily convention last year, supposed to be Smoky Mountain sunrise, but nothing registered by that name. I was hoping it was going to be sunset instead of sunrise, but nope. Very short but well budded, hopefully next year it will be taller.

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