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Culver's root is hard to place

27 days ago

Much as I like this plant, I find it very difficult to place. In some spots the tall vase shape doesn't look right, in other spots the shape of the flower spires would look out of place, and in other spots the particular lavender-ish color of the spires would look's just a difficult plant to find the right spot for.

I did manage to find a spot on the west side of the house that suits them beautifully and the right height for bee-viewing out the window, and I've got a couple in the back that don't yet seem to be too tall for the spot they're in (I can't remember the cultivar but they're rather on the short side for a culver's root) but time will tell on those. Now I've got a clump I had to stick somewhere on the fly last year, is the totally wrong spot and I don't know what to do with it. I'm thinking of just relegating it to the pasture but it's probably much too dry back there and I kind of can't bear to do that to the poor thing. Ugh.

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