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Some first blooms from up north

last month
last modified: last month

A handful of daylilies started blooming this week. All had good first blooms!

Through Dark Waters started with a double bloom. The scapes are all at least 8” taller this srason.

Going Bananas started today with a double bloom. The bud count isnt great but it has so many scapes I am pleased. This will be it best season ever.

First bloom on Anzac today. This old daylily blooms well in the shade on the north side of my house. It will have a good season, its a bit early.

Stephanie Returns started a few days ago. Im waiting for some nice clump shots from it.

Tyger River has a low bud count again, its not in the best spot here. Another Hensley with less than average performance for me.

This crazy Fernstone continues to impress after being moved to the worst spot in my gardens.

Ruby Slippers oak leaf hydrangea. I will add another photo when the blooms change color.


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